Garages, Sheds, Shelters, Wash bays, Barns, Storage sheds, Farm sheds

DIY kits or we can install them for you. We have a range of standard sizes including single and double. They can be supplied as a galvanised budget range or in full colorbond steel. Premium colorbond with a great range of colors and styles from the best manufactures to complement your home with a variety of fixing styles including in to footings or bolt down. We can custom design one to suit your requirements and budget today. All items are engineered and come with the documents required to make it easy for you to get through a building permit. While you are looking at one of these items why not talk to us about your site preparations . It is easier to combine them.

Remember all solid roofs over 10 Square meters ( ie 5 x 2 or 3.1 x 3.1) must have a building permit.

Most building permits are done through an independent building surveyor and not your council. Your council will do town planning if this is a requirement. (Pending on area and site)

VBA  Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2018.

Most domestic sheds and garages require a building permit. If a building permit is required and the building cost, including supply and installation, costs more than $10,000.00, unless you are an owner-builder, you must use a registered building practitioner to carry out the work.

A major domestic building contract must be entered into with the registered building practitioner for jobs over $10,000.00
If the cost of the job (including labour and materials) exceeds $16,000.00 the builder or owner-builder is required to provide domestic building insurance.